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08-17-2012, 04:49 PM
We recently engaged the contractor who goes by the name of Kian Soon Ng to renovate our resale condominium at West Bay. The contractor was to finish work and hand over the place to us within 3 weeks as there was no major renovation apart from hacking wardrobes, painting the unit & carpentry to be done. As the date of handover approached close and we questioned him about completion, the contractor started making lame excuses about the carpenter not taking his calls, then he said the carpentry material was coming from Johor and was stuck in Customs and then he said the carpenter's mother died, etc. Later he stopped taking our calls. We had already tendered notice to our landlord at our previously rented apt and so had to move out from there and move in to this unfinished apt, with absolutely no carpentry, especially no kitchen (life can be extremely difficult without a kitchen when you have two small kids aged 3 yrs and 6 months)
The shocker came when a couple of days after we moved in, we were visited by the aircon company representatives who informed us that our contractor Mr Ng had issued cheques against the Aircons he had purchased for our unit which bounced and therefore they wanted to uninstall the aircons. We showed them the paid invoices we had for our payement made to the contractor on that front and told them to settle their matter with the contractor directly. This contractor was referred to us by one of our colleagues who also got some work done through this guy, including new air con installation. Needless to say our colleague also was visited by another aircon company representative as the cheque issued to them had also bounced.

On repeated calls, texts and threats of going to the police, the contractor finally agreed to refund our money for the unfinished carpentry and kitchen work. We persistently asked for cash but he kept insisting on a cheque deposit. Well, the cheque met with the same fate. When the cheque bounced, we decided it was high time to alert the police to this scamster who was duping people. We lodged a police complaint against him earlier this week.

The police investigator told us that they spoke to him and he is still willing to carry out the unfinished work for us or refund the money he owes us. We told the police that we couldn't afford to wait longer (as we have no money to pay a new contractor to finish the work) and have no trust in this guy so we want our money refunded. The police told us they would convey this to the contractor. After waiting for a week with no news from the contractor when we tried to contact him again to ask for the refund, he tells us that he will refund the money to us only next month.

Having faced this for the first time, I am still unsure about what I must do. I don't trust this guy and I am totally sure he will not keep his word. Legal hassles are the last thing we need now but I guess I don't have a choice. I am not going to let someone run away with my hard earned money and especially not after making us go through all this mental stress.

Does any one have any advice or feedback?

07-25-2013, 01:18 AM
i had the same similar experience with mr ng. did u manage to get back ur money?

04-02-2014, 02:09 PM
Hi Mike,

Did you manage to get your money back? I'm still in the process of getting mine back. Managed to track many personal info. about this guy......