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Thread: The universal design bathroom

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    The universal design bathroom

    Thereís a rising trend in the remodeling world. Itís called universal design or UD for short. Anyone who has ever bought a house knows how many things have to be taken into consideration before going ahead with the purchase. The idea of the universal design remodel is to make a home that is good for old and young, huge families and widows, the fashion conservative and the fashion liberal. As an example of the universal design, here is the universal bathroom.

    Three factors of the universal design bathroom

    Replace standard toilet with a comfort-height one. This higher toilet is easier to use for the elderly but poses no difficulty for younger people to use
    Instead of a bathtub which may be difficult for elderly to get in and out of, install a walk in shower. Make sure to include in the shower grab handles, a hand shower, and an area where a person can sit while showering
    Include side-by-side double sinks and make the countertops two different heights so that it can accommodate someone tall or short
    Use a lighter color for the plumbing fixtures as lighter colors tend to remain in style while more vibrant colors are constantly going in and out of style

    The universal design advantage

    With the universal design remodel complete, your bathroom is now ready to accommodate you should you choose to remain in the home as you grow older. And should you choose to sell the home at some future point, the universal design bathroom is more likely to appeal to potential buyers no matter their age or fashion tastes.

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    Plumbing plays an important role in the universal design of the bathroom. If the plumbing is done according to the standards then it is easy to fit the tile and design it your choice.

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    this is the best place to know more about universal design bathroom.

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