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    Add Space Review

    "In Add Space, we value quality. Established since 1978, ADD SPACE DESIGN PTE LTD has since become a leading Corporate and International awarded ISO Interior Design firm, a Singapore based multi-disciplinary design consultancy firm with regional office in Kuala Lumpur and associate offices in most part of Asia.

    This is further reinforced by our ISO certification and number of accolades we have received as a dedicated HDB licensed contractor.

    Being accredited members of Case Trust, RADAC, Singapore Furniture Association and RCMA, you can trust our professional nature to deliver a truly dream home where you never want to leave for work ever again.

    To ensure our customers a unique and quality experience, we adopt the One Man Operations Work System (OMO), where individual customers will receive focused attention by our design consultant. They are there to assist the home owners with requirements such as space planning and design consultant, financial assistance on credit facilities, right down to project management and coordination of renovation workflow"


    Tel: 6742 0055

    Address: 507 Balestier Road Singapore 329847

    Area: Macpherson, Braddell

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    The Add Space committed to serve me to do my reno I want but after I signed the agreement and paid the deposit, the ID will try to delay and give a lot of excuses. I signed the agreement last year 2013 and today I have not received the quotation the ID committed. My reno is delay and I requested for the refund of the deposit. Add Space Pte Ltd refused to refund and insisted that I should pay them for their attention. I called, SMS and email to them but no more response from Add Space. I feel like that I am cheated for the deposit. Add Space will ensure to get your deposit but not the unique and quality experience. I checked the ISO certification. Add Space Pte Ltd was ISO 9001 certified by ICS. ICS is not a recognised ISO 9001 certification body in Singapore as per I wonder how HDB and RADAC can accept Add Space Pte Ltd as member without verifying the validity of ISO 9001 certification. Think twice before you engage Add Space Pte Ltd.

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