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    DesignWorx Review

    Designworx design approach is derived from the premise that every space has the possibility of becoming an engaging experience. As an interior consultancy for high-end residences, hospitality, retail and corporate spaces, we are committed to creating a 'More than Space' experience.


    Tel: 6224 7889

    Address: 39 Keppel Road #02-02A, Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore 089065

    Area: Anson, Tanjong Pagar

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    I have had a very disappointing experience working with DesignWorx. I do not wish to call out any persons in particular but would like to share my experience so that others may avoid an unpleasant engagement. I will say first that the designer has some great implementation ideas and was able to bring our vision to light (with guidance); this is a great trait for a designer to have. She did not force her aesthetic on us but instead took her cues from our requests - the result was that our home is a reflection of us which overall we are quite happy with.

    The problems were: "passion" - you want passion in your designer, but not at the expense of professionalism. No one wants their designer to have a panic attack on the job, to cry or to raise their voice. The designer that we worked with is fantastic but emotional and not easy to work with when stressed - which happens often during a renovation!

    After service - this is the "take your money and run" issue. We spent a very large sum of money with DesignWorx and unfortunately, have found the after service to be more than lacking. Not returning your emails, phone calls or texts and engaging contractors without providing oversight for their work. During a follow up variation order, some of our items were broken by a contractor - we did not receive one apology from DesignWorx. After establishing a relationship with a designer over a substantial period of time (and giving them your hard earned money) you sincerely wish for more.

    Some of the contractors engaged by DesignWorx were not properly vetted in our view. Some were amazing and others, were just awful and brought an element of stress and unpleasantness into the whole process.

    Renovating is always a challenge and you want to feel that your designer is committed (even after they have your money), professional and responsive. We're looking forward to finding that designer soon!

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