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    WeiKen Review is a prestigious company that specialises in interior design, space planning and architectural planning for both residential and commercial projects. Our name is synonymous with creativity and we will craft the perfect ambience that will impress and inspire. Be it a home or an office, we have interior décor solutions for the most discerning of tastes. is a complete solutions provider of interior design and décor. Together, we can create a signature look that will set you apart from your competitors. Your home or office will leave a lasting impression, even within today’s high standards of interior design.
    The team is made up of well-qualified personnel and led by a reliable and disciplined management. Our creative team will endeavour to surpass your standards with innovative solutions and products, resulting in well-designed and beautifully furnished homes and offices. The highly experienced team members are all extremely qualified, and we are committed to offering absolute customer satisfaction and outstanding results. We supervise every step of your interior design journey to ensure the optimum results that will meet your expectations
    One should be careful when engaging interior design services, as some designers can’t adapt their own personal tastes to meet the needs of the homeowners. With, your house will be custom-designed to reflect your personality, lifestyle and needs.


    Address: TradeHub 21 Showroom
    18 Boon Lay Way, Trade Hub 21,
    #01-133 Singapore 609966.
    Tel: +65 6465 6656

    Geylang Showroom
    805 Geylang Road
    Singapore 389683.
    Tel: +65 6264 6656

    Midview City Showroom
    22 Sin Ming Lane #01-85 Midview City Singapore 573969.
    Tel:+65 6455 6656

    IMM Showroom
    2 Jurong East St 21 IMM Building
    #03-42/44, Singapore 609601
    Tel: +65 6560 2033

    Area: Jurong

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    Anyone has review on Weiken? How is their service and workmanship?

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    Please look elsewhere.

    Initial part of renovation is good.
    3-4 years later, things start to fall apart slowly.

    Name me one contractor who uses THREE pipe size to connect Aircon Compressor and Fan Coil Unit! WEIKEN.COM
    Name me one contractor who uses insufficient grounding on a 63amp CB. WEIKEN.COM

    Best part is, they 'siam' all they can when I call them up and tell me "you call me now Kao Beh how I know what is happening?"

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    That was really bad experience with them! thanks for your info atleaast now everyone will have i dea on how WeiKen do their job.

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    Weiken was recommended by my officemate but still i tried to look for more info about them but I'm so disappointed knowing your story. i'm not sure now i will still consider to avail their service. thanks for your feedback.

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    there are some good reviews of weiken online...

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