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Thread: Thian Boon Design & Renovation Llp

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    Thian Boon Design & Renovation Llp

    HDB Registration No.: HB-02-3697C

    Address: 207, Balestier Rd, #01-11, Blaestier Towers, Singapore 329683

    Tel: 63551588

    Fax: 62515159

    District: Balestier, Toa Payoh, Serangoon

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    Thian Boon has also been going by another name recently, called Boon Jie. I, along with a few other people, had the misfortune of engaging them in Jul 2014. Our experiences, detailed in one of the complaint forums, were eerily similar. I bought a resale flat, and got a few contractors down to quote. Boon jie was one of them - father and son, david and davidson came down together, and their quote was the lowest among the 5 quotes. After we signed the contract, they very quickly started work, and asked for payment which we gave promptly. However maybe 1-2 weeks later, the work slowed. Most times on weekdays there was no worker or 1 worker there. I tried calling both of them to ask them what's going on, but they both ignored my calls (10 calls spaced throughout the day, everyday) and smses/whatsapp for one week. When I finally got hold of them, they were not apologetic at all and just said they were busy. There was a few times where no work was done for one week, and since they were both uncontactable, it was very frustrating for me to go down to the unit just to see the same thing day after day - no worker, no progress. Also halfway through work, they presented me with a fresh quote for additional work that I had no choice but to pay- this is a common trick to secure your business with low quote first then add-ons later. More than 2 months after they started work, my house is still an abomination. flooring not in yet, kitchen not done, toilets only got pipes etc. They made many promises to complete the house by mid oct, then end-oct, now it's Nov, and work had stopped for 2.5 weeks in the meantime. They are still ignoring all our calls despite the many chances we gave them. Husband said that maybe they took on too many jobs so they are just hoping for us to give up on them while they pocket the excess money we paid - about 10k. I have fired them and gotten another contractor down, and this new contractor is full of initiative and was so sorry for our plight that she was really efficient. Please do not engage them, go ahead and read their recent 2 years reviews, all are full of regret that they engaged thian boon / boon jie . leaking kitchen pipes and the MIA stunt over and over again to many different customers and no followup service when problems arise - their 1 year warranty is completely useless because they do not respond to your calls.

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    Hi all,

    I am very happy after getting the keys to my new BTO HDB flat.

    As a newbie homeowner, I was rather lost on what we had to do, and experienced difficulty in finding trustworthy and reliable Interior

    Design and renovation companies to renovate my new house.

    There are so many renovation contractors in Singapore, and it is impossible for us to know which one could meet our requirements.

    After searching, we discovered this Singapore website call It really helped homeowners like me because it saved us a lot of time and made everything so much easier for us.

    After we submitted our requirements in renovation Singapore, I received 12 proposals within 1 day.

    It was fast!

    We also noticed that the renovation companies listed inside were all good and very professional. I was happy to hire one of the renovation professionals because they fit our 20k budget and home design.

    Some more, no need to waste time running everywhere to find renovation contractors on weekends.

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    Hi all.

    Having our own home is just super awesome. And the feeling after receiving the house key is 1 of the best moments too but a nightmare to some .

    Getting a reno contractor is a big nightmare as there is way alot of choices in town now & choosing the reliable , trusted one is another nightmare BUT im glad we found ours after a few meetings with other reno ID.

    Our Contractor isnt an ID but he is definitely a good man who knows what we want and need. He advises us on our do's and dont's. He did our customise cabinet like how we requested. And MAINLY the most happiest part is when they handed back our house completely. And up till today , any help needed they are easily access and they are super helpful. To add , they even volunteer to drill up our curtain rods and mount up our TV for us. a great contractor lead to a happy home owner !

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    Hi, can you provide the contractor details?

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