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Thread: TURBO Italia

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    TURBO Italia

    Here is something interesting. Turbo turns 40 years old this June!

    TURBO’s 40th anniversary promotion
    • Buy TURBO Italia products (S$240 and above in a single receipt) and purchase a Joyoung Multifunction Soymilk Maker DJ13C-D08D (S) (UP S$268) at 37% off (S$168).
    • Buy TURBO Italia products (S$540 and above in a single receipt) and purchase a Joyoung Multifunction Soymilk Maker DJ13C-D08D (S) (UP S$268) at 44% off (S$148).

    A trusted Italian brand. Contractors may not know this promotion yet so arm yourself with this knowledge!

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    I agree healthier and yummier too. I would definitely prefer homemade soymillk over store bought ones. You can control the thickness and sweetness that way - not forgetting the freshness too! My family and I are heath food lovers - this joyoung soy milk ranked the top few appliances to own.

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    It was a great deal, I want to have that Soymilk Maker. I now have this urge to buy this one, (hoping that hubby will agree.)

    Genuine HVAC Service Summerlin.
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    Always wanted a chimney cooker hood??

    I recommend the TURBO INCANTO TAE91-BK! Super sleek looking kitchen cooker hood! Better yet, pair it up the Turbo Incanto T7633G-BK glass hob!

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    Love my Turbo Hob and Hood!!

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    Hi Everyone! Don't missed out on Turbo's New Year Warehouse Sale happening this weekend!
    Get your new kitchen hob or hood or ovens for this coming Chinese New Year!
    Sale up to 70%!!
    From 6 till 8 January 2017!!!

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    So, my BFF bought herself a new Turbo oven and we have decided have some girlie time to bake some CNY goodies together!
    Gonna be awesome!

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    Baking is so much quicker when you have an oven that's just about the right size!

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    Hi Everyone, on regards to the recent explosion case everyone must be worried and unsure of getting glass hobs now.
    Well, Here's a guide on choosing durable, effective and above all safe glass hobs for anyone planning to get glass hobs.

    Get a good quality tempered glass, glass that can withstand heat of up to 250 degrees Celsius is suitable for a cooktop surface. Opt for German brand SCHOTT glass, which contains fewer impurities, and hence is an ideal choice for glass hobs. Be sure to choose glass that has undergone advanced tempering process. In worst-case scenarios where the glass shatters, its shards are less likely to cut us. Also, as a rule of thumb, avoid placing oversized pots on glass hobs as this can trap and cause heat to build up. Do not use glass hob as a chopping board as the knife can scratch the glass. Be careful when using knives and scissors near the glass hob as the sharp ends may damage the glass. Do not place boiling hot cookware on the glass as it will also damage the glass.

    I hereby recommend you check out Turbo's kitchen hob. A purveyor of kitchen appliances since 1974, TURBO offers glass hobs that check all the above criteria. Not only that, the brand has obtained a patent for its revolutionary flame technology a few years ago. The flames are angled at 45 degrees, which is the most energy-efficient angle to cook food. TURBO also uses German brand SCHOTT glass for all its glass hob ranges.
    The brand also has an in-house team that provides first-rate service and maintenance checks. Its local service fleet comprises technicians with 20 to 40 years of servicing experience. When customers purchase a TURBO hob and hood, they will also get the assurance of superior after-sales service.

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    Hello! I saw this super Turbo package deal on their FB page! For new home owners!!
    Check it out!

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