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Thread: TURBO Italia

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    This is the Turbo TFM8627 oven i was sharing with you all about. Love it!
    Check out Turbo's website for more models =)
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    Do you know that all cooker hoods are equipped with grease filters that trap grease. Grease filters can be made with different materials: aluminium metal or stainless steel. If you love to cook, then aluminium metal and stainless-steel filters are ideal. These filters can be detached for periodic cleaning and washing. Wash the filters frequently with hot boiling water to reduce oil build-up.

    TURBO’s INCANTO TAE series of cooker hoods are all fitted with two to three pieces of aluminium metal filters, and hence are great for passionate cooks.

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    Hi Everyone! I saw Turbo's Facebook post about their warehouse sale this weekend.

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    Hi All! Have you all heard of the extended promotion for Turbo's warehouse??

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    Bought a new cooker hood from the extended warehouse sale over the weekends. Did anyone else managed to get anything?

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    Turbo Italia is a trusted Italian brand since 1974, TURBO is the one of the longest-running kitchen appliance companies in Singapore. Here's some key tips to help home owners make a smart decision when purchasing a cooker hood.

    Choosing the right hood for your kitchen layout
    There are four types of cooker hoods, and the right one depends on the kitchen layout as well as your personal preference.

    • Wall-mounted cooker hoods (Slimline hood /Conventional hood): If budget is a concern, a price-friendly option is the wall-mounted cooker hood. Measuring between 60cm and 90cm in width, these cooker hoods will fit in compact spaces. They are your best bet if you have a small kitchen space.

    • Chimney cooker hoods: Powerful and large in size, chimney cooker hoods add a dramatic style to your kitchen. As the name suggests, the cooker hoods together with the chimney tube need to be fitted to the wall. Ample space needs to be allocated for these hoods.

    • Integrated cooker hoods (Canopy hood/Telescopic hood): Able to be seamlessly fitted with kitchen cabinets, these cooker hoods allow you to achieve a fluid kitchen design. Due to their power, they are more suited for light cooking and use in tandem with smaller hob models.

    • Island cooker hoods: If you intend to build a kitchen island top and do your cooking there, then an island cooker hood is the only option for you. The hood will be attached directly to the ceiling and hence space abundance is an important factor.

    Check out Turbo Cooker Hood today! =)

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    Hi All, Do you know that TURBO hobs are capable of producing both the largest and smallest flames in the market. The flames are angled at 45 degrees, which is the most energy-efficient angle to heat up your food. Hence, using TURBO hobs helps to save power and money! TURBO’s three- and four-burner gas hobs can achieve up to five types of flame:
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    • Wok burner flame: the largest flame in the market allows you to cook wok dishes
    • Rapid burner flame: the double ring fire heats up food faster and efficiently
    • Inner ring flame within wok burner: this fire can be used to preheat food
    • Small burner flame: the single ring fire can save gas when stewing, steaming or preparing soups
    • Smallest inner ring flame in the market: use this fire to stew, braise meats or double-boil soups

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    Do you know that Turbo is offering their best selling ovens at discounted price this Hari Raya Haji??

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    The TFM series is huge, and the ovens’ 65-litre capacity is ideal for roasting large-sized poultry!

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    Check out Turbo's Mid Autumn promotion for their best-selling ovens!

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