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Thread: Advice for Kitchen Stove, Hood and Hob

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    Advice for Kitchen Stove, Hood and Hob

    Hi all,
    Just wanted to get advice for the above as there are so many brands in the market. What should be the factors I should look out for? Been reading about auto shut off mechanism for stove, controllable flame for Asian slow cooking, durable metal parts for easy cleaning etc.
    Thanks in advance!


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    Personally I prefer gas-saving hobs. Watch out for plastic knobs on the hob which are lousy quality and can crack. Good lobang for you: any purchase of TURBO Incanto hob, hood or built-in oven, you can purchase Blanc’s products at a discounted price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jocam View Post
    Hi dandelionXZ! Can I check with you when will this promotion end. Saw a chef using blanc products in a cooking workshop before - pretty and niffy kitchen tools.
    I believe its while stocks last since they never put a end date. My favourite is their wok - super lihai one, clean to easy and heats up quickly.

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    Hello Michael68,

    I have read your post. You have mentioned very useful and profitable advice about home renovation specially for kitchen in Singapore.

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    I like Turbo hob and hood.

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    Hi there! If any of you is looking for kitchen hob and hood, i highly recommend Turbo!
    My family have been using Turbo Hob and Hood for years!
    And with five types of flame to suit different culinary techniques.
    Super cool!

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    Looking for kitchen hob and hood??

    I highly recommend Turbo!

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    I recommended my neighbour to get the Turbo built in oven and ever since she bought it,
    Me and my family are in luck to enjoy those amazing bakes and roast she prepared!

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    If you are looking for a kitchen cooker hood and price is a concern, you can check out Turbo's wall-mounted cooker hood for a price-friendly option. It measures between 60cm and 90cm in width, these cooker hoods will fit in compact spaces. They are your best bet if you have a small kitchen space.

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    If anyone of you is looking to get your kitchen a new hob and hood, i strongly recommend Turbo!
    check out Turbo website to pick your perfect kitchen hob and hood!

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