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Thread: Built-Oven vs Table Top Oven

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    Built-Oven vs Table Top Oven


    I'm deciding between a built-in oven or table top oven. Can share on the pros and cons of each?


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    My neighbour had an open house and i saw their new built in oven!
    Looks really nice! Now i'm thinking also thinking of getting one for my kitchen!
    I checked out the Turbo TFM8628 and TFM628T but can't choose between these two!
    Some recommendation please!

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    Hi again! This is super cool as my aunty just bought a new Turbo build in oven! I think she said it was the TFM8628.
    So, its tested and proven that this Turbo oven is just superb!
    Thanks to that, my aunt invited us all over her place for a big feast!

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    My aunt loves baking so we got her a Turbo Oven, the TFM series. She loves it so much!
    Now all of us is looking forward to feast at her place! =D

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    If you're already thinking about Christmas feast, and looking for an oven that's perfect for roasting turkey..
    Check out the Turbo TFM series! It is 65litres big and can fit a whole turkey in for roasting!

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    Looking for an oven big enough to roast the entire turkey this Christmas??
    Check out the Turbo TFM series! With its 65 Litre capacity, it can fit a whole turkey in and also allows you to roast or bake more in one batch! Time saving much!

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    Looking for an oven big enough for your Christmas feast?

    The Turbo TFM series is huge, and the ovens’ 65-litre capacity is ideal for roasting large-sized poultry like turkey. Alternatively, utilize the space for baking several batches of Christmas goodies at the same time.

    The TFM8627 comes with seven functions and the TFM8628 eight. Both models are equipped with a ventilation fan. With the ovens’ top and bottom elements enabled by effective heat control, you can now achieve the luscious skin crackling. The TFM628T also comes with eight multi functions with touch control. Cleaning of the ovens is a cinch — simply give the surfaces a wipe to get rid of any residues or stains!

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    Check it out this weekend, December — 2nd, 3rd and 4th December 2016 TURBO will offer its products at amazing prices.
    Enjoy up to 70% off! And also a live demonstration of how to use Joyoung Soymilk Maker.

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    Beside Turbo oven, what other brands are recommended?

    How to choose oven? I am looking at built-in oven.

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    I prefer built in oven because i can roast or bake more at one go. Save time.

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