Sharing a quick tip of a common question we always receive from customers. "Should I get Curtain vs. Blinds for my Home?"
Our short and to the point answer:

For Living Room, curtains are always preferred as curtains tend to provide a more "relaxed and luxurious feel" especially if you have a wide living room area. That said, venetian blinds are getting really popular these days with the industrial/ modern feel interior designs.

For Kitchens, curtains are rarely used, but blinds instead. Curtains are seldom recommended for kitchen usage as the smoke, steam and oil gets easily trapped in the curtain fabric.

For Bedrooms, venetian blinds are highly recommended as they provide space saving in the already small area living room. However, if you are working shifts or your bedroom is along a common corridor walk way, then full length blackout curtains are recommended as they provide much better light blackout coverage than blinds.

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