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Thread: Recommendation for Contractor - Budget $20k or less?

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    Recommendation for Contractor - Budget $20k or less?

    Hi peeps,

    First time owner here who will be taking keys in Q2 2017.
    Preferably would like to seek for recommendation of contractors that can work about our budget of $20k or less.
    Not going for fancy mancy or stylo milo theme. All we need is simple, practical, minimal and easy to maintain.
    We have 2 young kids (4 yo and 9 mths old) hence we decided to move our budget more towards furnishing to create a comfortable environment.

    At the moment, we are doing our own planning using Floor planner.
    From what we planned:
    1. Kids are young and they will definitely carry on bunking in with us for at least next 4 - 5 years.
    2. Currently we are sleeping on 4 single beds (living with parents in old HDB at the moment). If we like to do the same, we definitely have to hack away our wall between MBR and next bedroom.
    3. Hacking kitchen wall half way to put glass. Purpose able to see what is going on in the living room when kids are there.
    4. For cost savings, we even opt out on in-built wardrobe, featured wall and L box as we feel we can do w/o them

    Appreciate any form of advice or recommendation based on our scenario.

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    If you are interested in doing glass works such as shower screen, kitchen backsplash etc for your new home, do visit our website at Thank you

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    Have used this company - Dexigner Label Pte Ltd
    They are very responsible and have excellent workmanship, have tried getting many quotes from diff company but decided to stick Dexigner label, they are very patience and knowledgeable, price wise is reasonable.

    u can call 82993225 and look for Jon

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    Nice information, thank you for sharing this.

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    you might wanna look for thomson renovation if you like their works

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    you can contact 91030324

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