Hi all, here to share my experience with you guys. If you think of getting stuff from them, maybe u might want to reconsider.

I bought kitchen sick, toilet mirror cabinets and toilet accessories from them. Pay in full in apr 2017. Since i have yet to confirm with my ID on the installation, i told them i will call for delivery later on.

So in May 2017 when my ID informed me, i gave them 1 week notice for the delivery. I took leave to wait at my new house and things got delivered. I tot goods delivered, done settled.

BUT ITS NOT! the delivery man told me there are 2 items out of stock and need to kiv. So i asked him, how long and how would i know if the stock is arriving. He said in 1 or 2 weeks time the office will call me. So i said ok..

2 weeks passed, no call from them. My ID also chasing me for the accessories, so i called them up and they told me its still oos and will only arrived early june. So no choice, i needed the refund. The person told me to go down and it will take few days for refund since i paid via visa. When i went down, the person told me it will take 6 weeks to process >. < no apology from them at all

1) u didn't inform me about the incomplete delivery before hand
2) i have to make a trip down to the stall to get my refund when the person say it can be done over the phone
3) no apology for all the time wasted (waiting time for the incomplete delivery, time wasted to go down for the refund which will take 6 weeks, time wasted to choose my accessories again in another store since i needed the stuff urgently)

I was very polite with them all this while but no apology given at all. Hearing my story and if u still wants to get stuff from them, have to take ur own risk ya..