Extremely appalling quality of product and customer after-service. We ordered item 270F off their site. After a 3month wait and paying over $500: we received an item that was different, made in China and of inferior quality. It was of a different design: no metallic loop, no metallic ball bearing. Instead, it came with a straight matt black lamp head handle, a crooked wire that connects the ball bearing, as well as a matt black ball bearing. The angle in the curve of the lamp swivel was wrong. Had a loose lamp head that spins with light touch, crooked wire, exposed bare metal joints too. And it came with a rounded 2-pin plug, which means we needed an international adaptor to use it with.

Shop rep accused us of not fitting item correctly without bothering to listen, said he can vouch for the quality of the lamp as itís been sitting on his desk for the past 5 years. Defensive, extremely rude, absolutely deplorable attitude that provoked a very unpleasant exchange. Also said Ďitís just your expectationsí. Oh please. Even your repairmen could tell it was a different lamp AND couldnít fix the darn item after coming in to assemble it themselves Ė in the exact way that we did. And Ė wow. He offered to color in the bare joints with a black marker. Fantastic. If you are going to sell designer replicas at these prices, ensure itís a bloody good one, not half-baked and faulty. BTW. Found out after buying that the original is the Artemide Nestore. They didnít even bother changing the picture ripped off the internet.

Itís not the issue that this is a clear replica. Itís that we received something different than what was advertised, something faulty, and faced utterly abhorrent customer service after paying so much money. ďProduct may vary from displayed imageĒ or any disclaimers of that sort need a line to be drawn. There was no sincere apology from Lush-lush, the replies we received extremely patronizing and infuriating. Raven, a word of advice. Stick to sales, avoid after-sales. We were offered a measly discount, without room for negotiation. That just covers the delivery fee of $80 and a bit more. The alternative was receiving vouchers to buy more products off their sham of a shop. No thank you. I donít want to collect more lemons. Stay away from this place, for the sake of your own mental health.