Hi fellow house owners

I'll like to warn everyone of this contractor/ID and hope you doesn't end up in this statement like me. I think it's important the community is aware of such renovation contractors around to prevent any issues faced when it is your turn.

His name is Daniel Tay Chee Yong (hp: 8482 8338) and apparently seems to be a 1 man show. I've signed up a pre agreement with him for our house renovation and it has been close to 6 months and work has yet to begin.

During our initial discussion, he sounds enthusiastic but once a deposit has been placed he becomes very unresponsive. Whenever we meet up and discuss our concerns, he doesn't take down notes and simply based off his memory. And when we asked for update on the quotation based on out discussion, he always claim that he couldn't recall such details being discussed. To the extent that we got got bring our own measuring tape and ensure the measurements quoted in his quotation is accurate. And to our horror, several of the measurements are out and description of the carpentery works doesn't match the measurements. We questioned him and he mention will check but never revert. We had to chase him for a reply. Few days and at times weeks later, when we asked him for an update, he acted as if those questions were never posted to him in the first place.

And there were many hidden costs in his quotation which layman like us will never know. We came to know some of the hidden costs after speaking with several other IDs.

These are just a few examples of the kind of service you will expect from him therefore, please stay away.