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Thread: Recommendation - Looking for a smart lock?

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    Recommendation - Looking for a smart lock?

    Since i moved homes recently, i've been looking for a smart lock for my new home.

    All the Smart locks in the market now are extremely expensive, and it's rare to find locks that worked offline (which i required, since i own a landed property and may not have wifi in my basement). What i hunted for was a smart lock that was cheap AND works offline at the same time.

    That's when i found out about Igloohome (PS. its a Singaporean brand), they have a range of smart locks works offline and are way cheaper than others up on the market. Despite being cheaper, the locks are of great quality and have numerous additional features that their competitors don't have.

    The product I got was the igloohome Deadbolt 2S which was sleek and visually appealing.

    How my life has improved:

    1) My family doesn't have to worry about losing keys anymore. Previously, my kids and I lost many many keys and we had to get a lock smith to change our locks which is a HUGE hassle. But now keys are a thing of the past. With this new smart lock, I can create PINs and Bluetooth keys remotely through the igloohome app. My wife prefers to use the access PIN while my 2 kids use Bluetooth keys.

    2) I can check whenever my kids come home. I always worry if kids get home on time from primary school, but now i can check if they've reached home as the app sends notifications to me through my smart phone when they come home.

    3) One time pin. Really comes in handy when someone needs to enter the house but no one's at home. With is function, i don't have to be home to let someone in. I have a cleaning lady that comes every week to tidy my place. I'm able to create a one time pin for her which works for a specified period.

    I highly recommend this product to all homeowners if convenience is what you're looking for!
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