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Thread: Great Saving Deal To Recommend

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    Great Saving Deal To Recommend

    I just signed up a package for my resale flag at Edgedale Plains,was getting quotes from few interior designers but all is above my budgets,as i am the only one working in the family so i hope to get something affordable but worth for my makeover of my house.
    Manage to found one company name : CasaMia Design Centre located at 33 Ubi Ave 3,in the center lane of the Vertex Building,they seems different from ID,they sell Modulars system for all kitchen,wardrobe and wall unit. Manage to get a great deal after meeting up with them at least 4-5 times,they do sell flooring too those Vinyl flooring 7MM at $4.50 only,that is the reason why i was attracted .
    You all may try them if you need savings or have budget.

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    to share from forum

    "I just finish my renovation under 30 k

    You guys if want to find a good ID can find Robin . He offer really good deal for my house and explain patiently for my renovation through out the process any one wants his contact please contact me

    On 2017 Jan , I went to roadshow with my husband at singapore and expo , went to a few ID below a the list :

    1) *** interior design

    2) Image creative

    3) *****

    4) is top of the one in media so I put it in my last option because I think it's expensive due to radio and media advertisement

    In my mind in all I need is good quality and reasonable price for my renovation for my resale 5 room flat .

    After one week this is the following price that they quoted for my resale 5 room .

    1)*** interior design -$59,000

    2) Image creative -$49,000

    3) ***** - $62,000

    4) - $40,000

    we know the answer now for all the price as a green horn I and my husband put as our first choice because the price they gave is the cheapest and we decided to put a deposit at oxely biz hub 2

    Before the day when we are about to put our first deposit, my cousin call me because his house was just renovated by his ID , he suggest to me to go through the quotation in a detail manner before I place my deposit so I listen to his advice. He also ask me to consult his experience ID the last time that he recommended before I commit my flat to

    Therefore we shifted the appoint to place deposit to one week later .

    We met this ID at our mother in law place that my cousin recommend . He is Around his mid 30 look very young to us . So me and my husband pass our qoutation to him . He very patience go through point by point with us for 4 hours than we realise that many things of what we want doesn't included inside which will increase hidden cost . So I gave this ID my floor plan to quote what has given to me and I find out the price they sell to me are only $34,000 than $40,000. So I and my husband are fortunate to found a good ID before placing our deposit . I am sharing this because I realize we shouldn't just judge by the final price but a wise way is to go through in detail point before we can commit

    e.g : - sell me a wardrobe 5 ft for


    My Cousin ID - sell me a wardrobe 7ft for


    in the way customer like us thinks weiken is cheaper but if we do a detail calculation my ID is way much cheaper than

    Weiken $1430 / 5 = $286 per foot run

    My ID $1848 / 7 = $264 per foot run

    Guys out there place do not decieve by the final figure

    Thank god we found a good ID for our house . I would definitely recommend this one to all of you . Share my story to you guys so we can share experience together

    Hi ))
    my per foot run is $230~~~"

    my no. 81262999


    we are case trust and member of RCMA.

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