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Thread: REVIEW: Contractor Review

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    REVIEW: Contractor Review

    i'm not too sure how should i start reviewing my newly renovated home... at first i m very skeptical about getting just a contractor to renovate my 4-room BTO. In my understanding was contractor i have to do all the liaising by myself and also design my own home by myself too.. understand i would to get an interior designer to help me with designing the place.

    However through the word of mouth by friends intro... they ask me to try out this particular contractor company. I was very scared that the company will close down / run away with my money since renovating a home cost almost a bomb to me.... But nevertheless i just went ahead since it was introduced by my friends... a few of them did with them so probably i wasn't that afraid that they will run away with my money.

    sooo... i met up with the contractor (Doreen Teo), she was very patient and understanding what we wanted, on top of that she even provided me with free designing consultation since i am not good with designing my home and i just told her what colors we are looking for and what type of home we want together with my wife. She also met my timeline since i was in a hurry to move in, as i was staying in a rented house the other time round. So overall i give credits to her hardwork and compassion for her clients. I would really recommend her highly for her top notch services, as she always takes photos/videos on what has been renovated, and what is going to be up next.

    Do drop me a pm to ask for photos and also the total amount i have spent on all the renovation/ carpentry/ white goods (where i buy from)/ electrician works..

    and of cos, good luck to all of you who are looking for contractors/ interior designers!

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    Morning, can I have Doreenís contact? Iím looking for one too. Thanks!

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    im a renovation contractor. contact or whatsapp me at
    nine four three six two eight eight one

    what i provide
    bring down your current quotes that u have let me fight the price while having the same standard.

    5 years warranty after renovation works

    money back guarantee

    1 to 1 personal service

    40 years renovation experience

    direct to suppliers

    our own staff to do the renovation work to reduce cost

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    Hi an you Pm me her contact details and name of company?

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