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Thread: Black screen error in Chromecast

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    Black screen error in Chromecast

    Hi there,
    Can anybody help me to solve the black screen issue with the Chromecast ?
    I am facing this issue from so long , so please help me out with this.
    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Black screen issue

    Hello, I am here to help you in this regard.
    See, first thing is that the issue of black screen occur if internet signal is inadequate or the power supply is improper. If there is issue with the setup then also black screen can occur.
    So take care of below cited issues:
    1. If power supply is supplied to your Chromecast unit.
    2. And LED light on Chromecast is lit up, and device is power on.
    3. Your television should be tuned with the same HDMI input as in the Chromecast case.
    4. You may reset your Chromecast if needed.
    By checking this simple things, I am sure this problem will be solved.
    For more info
    Visit here:
    contact no:1-844-305-0086

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