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  1. Water Pearl Fountain Decoration
  2. Bad Contractor
  3. Rubbish Clearing Services
  4. Advice Needed on Flooring
  5. Do you believe in Fengshui?
  6. Advice Needed on Mirror Wall
  7. Customized Bed Frame
  8. About Lighting
  9. Home Automation System
  10. Clothes Hanging System
  11. How do you bargain with a contractor?
  12. Wooden Walls, is it do-able in Singapore?
  13. Paint My Second Hand Fridge
  14. Floor Fan or Ceiling Fan
  15. Sliding Door or Hinge Door?
  16. 25 years of limited warranty from IKEA, is it for real?
  17. Home Bar
  18. Where Should I Place my TV?
  19. Recommendation on Nice Painting
  20. Is power track safe to use??
  21. Is it possible to overlay homogeneous tiles over laminated flooring?
  22. To what extent can we renovate a resale condominium?
  23. Is it allowed to install a glass balcony to keep out from the rain and wind?
  24. I have questions about Progressive Payment Schedule
  25. How much would it cost for A&A works for a single storey landed property?
  26. How much to demolish a 5,000 sq.ft 2-storey bungalow?
  27. How can I get the floor plan of a resale condo?
  28. Interior designer to renovate my place needed
  29. I need a good contractor to remodel my Tampines 2+1 flat
  30. I need a good recommendation to make 2 wardrobes for 2 bedrooms
  31. How much is the cost to renovate a resale HDB flat with 5 rooms?
  32. Good contractors and architects needed
  33. Exploring an idea of reconstructing a landed property
  34. Am I allowed to convert a small HDB bedroom into a kitchen?
  35. HELP! Termites has infested on the framework and door of my store room
  36. Looking for a reliable contractor to do a small repair job
  37. How much to rebuild a 200 sqm single storey inter-terrace into a 2.5 storey terrace?
  38. I need the floor plan of Waterplace Tower A2 #07
  39. How much is the cost to renovate a recess area?
  40. Planning to add a 2nd storey to my single storey bungalow
  41. Planning to buy a 2 storey corner terrace and build another half storey on it
  42. I need an estimate of A&A works for a simple extension
  43. I wish to apply for SOHO status for my 1 bedroom at the Optima
  44. I need a copy of Eastwood terrace inter-terrace floor plan urgently
  45. Are there any restrictions to split up the unit into smaller units?
  46. What do I need to do to close an open kitchen style to contain the cooking smell?
  47. Is it OK to have my own bathroom design for a 30% paid unit?
  48. What types of homogeneous tiles are available in the market?
  49. Is it OK to hack the wall between the kitchen and living room in MaySprings condo?
  50. Looking for a builder to build an additional storey for existing shophouse
  51. Well-established construction and design company needed
  52. May I know which direction does tampines block 161 is facing?
  53. How can I check the maximum loading on my mezzanine on a structural plan?
  54. Is it possible to convert the planters as a mini pond or use it for water feature?
  55. I need a contractor to help me assess the leakage in my master bathroom
  56. Looking for a contractor who has experience in renovating shophouse to a hostel
  57. Are condo buyers allowed to have their own preferences before the condo will TOP?
  58. How much is the cost to renovate a 4R HDB Flat?
  59. How much would be spent for a design and build renovation for a 4-storey HDB flat?
  60. I need an agent to give me an estimated cost of an additional 100 sq ft
  61. Which area do I need to renovate to increase the property value?
  62. Need Help! My kitchen is leaking and the owner of the top unit refuse to repair it
  63. Do I need HDB approval if I renovate my HDB unit myself?
  64. HELP! I am seeing a crack line for about 1 meter long
  65. Planning to rebuild a single storey inter-terrace into a 2.5 storey
  66. Planning to install bath tubs in the master bedroom and wash room of an 840 sf unit
  67. Once the condo is TOP, can I still tear down the built-in cabinet?
  68. Is it allowed to convert the living room to another bedroom and rent it out?
  69. WANTED: Good interior decorator for my condo in Sanctuary Green
  70. Do I need an approval to build a room on the rooftop of the penthouse?
  71. I have a big problem with the renovator I hired
  72. Is 200K enough to convert a 2 storey terrace house into 3?
  73. Looking for renovation and home designers that can give the best quote
  74. Does anyone who have the experience of covering an airwell?
  75. I need a good standing firm for A&A work
  76. Can you recommend an experienced qualified person to install fire-safety measure?
  77. Need help newbie here
  78. Looking for vendors to do simple partial renovations
  79. Looking for an interior designer to design a 600 sq. ft apartment
  80. Sleek designs still in trend?
  81. How much would it cost to build a built in wardrobe?
  82. How much would it cost to build a built in wardrobe?
  83. Bi-Fold Door with stylish design
  84. Several Tips for Using Art Correctly when Home Decorating
  85. Water repellent
  86. Instant transformation using Wallpaper?!
  87. White, Grey and Black combination - Is it a good theme?
  88. Wallpaper & Curtain Services
  89. I need reliable contractor to put up kitchen cabinets
  90. Help needed regarding Aircon brand
  91. Bathroom Design Theme - Is it good?
  92. Creative Living Room Designs
  93. Is grey cool or too cold?
  94. Japanese Minimalist Design
  95. Laminated vs. Homogeneous flooring
  96. Iron wood or Composite wood?
  97. Shower Screens, Windows, Gates, Bi-fold Doors, Wooden Doors. DIRECT SALES
  98. Share your ideas about vinyl flooring
  99. Please suggest - Wallpaper fitter or installer
  100. What can you say about Faith Interior?
  101. Interested to buy custom clock
  102. Mosquito net/screen for windows and doors
  103. contemporary design 3 room flat
  104. contemporary design 3 room flat
  105. Is it OK to have an all white theme flat?
  106. House cleaning services please
  107. Newly-renovated ceiling needs to be repainted
  108. Too many quotations is stressing me
  109. Where can I buy reliable water filter?
  110. Curtain needs
  111. Need quotation for Roller Blinds
  112. Questions about Ikea Kitchen
  113. Best material for TV Feature Wall
  114. Lee Meng Huat Cusion & Sofa Maker
  115. Furniture at Silver River
  116. Bad experience at Plush Mattress Boutique
  117. Comtemporary Art pieces
  118. Wrought Iron Gate Singapore
  119. Found a attentive ID with Reasonable price, quality product.. :)
  120. Thanks so much Triple S Interior Pte Ltd
  121. Looking for quality window solar films for your home and office?
  122. Selling preloved curtains cheap
  123. Help!! I need some professional advise.. Can anyone advise!! Thank you.
  124. Looking for Interior Designer in Singapore for renovation work
  125. Need a supper/contractor for the balcony sun screen
  126. Providing good services with good quality renovation
  127. Looking for good window and grilles supplier?
  128. Crown Moulding
  129. Must we really need an ID ?
  130. Marriage receptions and Event Decorators ideas
  131. Finished projects for your ideas
  132. Furniture at low price.
  133. Looking for a contractor who does I.D work as well? Click this link now
  134. Looking for a direct factory contractor? Direct factory carpenter! Click this link
  135. outdoor living spaces
  136. Looking to renovate your place? Wait no more & call us now!
  137. PowerDekor Laminate & Vinyl Flooring Supply & Install
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  139. Can you give me design ideas for my BTO flat renovation?
  140. Desk Decoration?
  141. PlushKitchens
  142. carton boxes
  143. recommend home reno services
  144. Tips for home decoration needed
  145. home decoration ideas - melodyhome American style living room furniture
  146. Home Decoration Needed
  147. Any good wall treatment recommendation for nursery?
  148. Information about magic suction and drilling
  149. Living room furniture for sale
  150. Looking for contractor to build attic and re-roof inter-terrace house
  151. Chye Sin Heng Aluminum Works PTE LTD
  152. Curtain and blind promotion and $150 digital lock discount call Erica 94662710
  153. Help with a student survey for $20 vouchers!
  154. What is your preferred interior design style for your home? Modern..Tropical ..
  155. Feedback & Recommendations (SG & JB)
  156. Few Effective Home Improvement Tips You Can Perform
  157. The Design Chamber
  158. Blinds vs.Curtains Tip
  159. This is an idea!
  160. E-House!
  161. Vinyl or laminate wood flooring
  162. Advice needed - Sequence of Renovation
  163. Best Interior Design Singapore
  164. What Decorating Element May Be The Best Floor Friend Of Your Living Room?
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  166. Lowest Rate Contractor With Factory Found
  167. Waterproofing Specialist (Wall/Toilet/Roof Leaks)
  168. Technical wall panel for bathroom/ kitchen/ featured wall whatsapp 8543 7018
  169. New self-service app for Singaporeans to design HDB Flats
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