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Thread: Sky Creation Review

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    Salutation to Josh & Brice for the excellent experience from start till end for both my Parents and my unit consecutively in a short period to be in time for CNY!

    Timeline: delivered
    Budget: within expectations (less our Ah Lian add-ons) transparent pricing no dispute
    communication: clarity throughout with certainty and great advice with experience
    Patient level: beyond God! (No joke)

    I’m simply gonna gun for these two dudes to everyone!

    Back to CNY packing!

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    Feb 2019
    I was really surprise to read all the negative reviews on Sky Creation on this forum. I had better luck for my 2018 recent renovation with them !
    The renovation was completed on time and I never had to chase after my IDs.
    They are always very quick to respond.
    We bought a resale 3 room flat in Toa Payoh that needs a total overhaul. Given my overseas work schedule, I had to search for Interior Designer and Renovation company through the internet.
    So I can relate to how important reviews play a role in helping homeowners find a good ID and Renovation company. After submitting some online inquiry requests, Sky Creation is the only company that is sincerely willing to work the extra mile to communicate through emails only for an oversea customer.
    My big salute to Sophie (fang fang ) !
    Thank you for staying up late (past midnight on many nights during the planning stages, so that we can discussed over WhatsApp calls when it was morning in the USA)
    Sophie and Josh are very willing to listen and incorporate homeowners’ ideas. I was only briefly back to Singapore for choosing the materials. Sophie and Josh were not only working with me, but my sister and mom too after I left for the USA. They had lots of patiences when we kept changing our minds on the designs.
    They kept the communication open and clear throughout the renovation process. The WhatsApp group chat that they created definitely helped so that everyone was in the loop.
    The cost and charges were very clear too. No hidden cost and surprises.
    Sophie told us upfront what was included and what will be additional.
    Sky Creation has definitely 2 great IDs (Sophie and Josh) in their company !
    Keep up the good work !

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    We got to know Sky Creation and John Kow via a Musee Open house. We decided to choose John as our ID upon knowing that the showrooms were designed by John, and we liked the designs.
On our first meeting, we showed him our floor plan and a discussion on the ideas and theme of how we would like our new home to have.
By the second meeting, John already had a rough drawing for how our home would look like. He assure us that we can just provide him with pictures of any inspiration or ideas that we come across anytime and he would try to help us design according to our preference.
    John would also accompany us to choose tiles and bathroom accessories, providing guidance and tips. He even provided us with contacts for furnitures.
    The whole renovation was done within the time period as agreed upon. We are satisfied with the carpentry workmanship. As compared to some experiences that my other friends had, and the poor workmanship experience, we are satisfied with the many built-in wardrobe done up in my home.
    I would fully recommend him to anyone who is looking for an ID for their house.

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    Aug 2019

    Extremely Dedicated & Committed

    Got to know Brice & Josh through a reference from a close friend of mine. Brice went to the jobsite often to ensure job was properly carried out, it was hassle free, and the handover of my house was on time. He even went extra mile to help me fix some of the damage caused by my previous owners without me asking. Many IDs treat each job as just another project, so I am really delighted to come across someone who put in so much effort & time, and treated my house like his own to ensure things were up to the mark. There was no delay & the project was smoothly handled.

    Would like to show my appreciation to Josh & all the men who involved in the project such as the Painter/Plumbing/Ceiling boss "David", Carpenter boss "Ah Khoon" etc who trained his men well to deliver the excellent final results. Really appreciate it & two thumbs up for all the men involved, thank you.
    Brice can be reached at 8233 3344

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    Highly recomment - kaze tan & sky creation

    It has been 5 months since we moved into our newly renovated home. Why is this post late is partly because I believe that it is very common to design and build a beautiful home, but I have to live in it for a period of time before I can speak about the worksmanship of things and most importantly practicality of its design.

    Rewind back to early 2019:

    My husband and I met up with a total of 10 IDs & contractors before deciding to go with Sky Creation as their prices are transparent, we had friends who highly recommended them and most importantly it was because we felt really comfortable with Kaze Tan, the interior designer who was referred to us by one of our friends.

    In addition to the many messages which were communicated via the phone, we met up with Kaze face to face at least 3 times for thorough discussions regarding our renovation before we decided to sign the contract with Sky Creation. The whole process from the initial stage of selection of ID to the finalization of 3D artworks took 2 months as me and my husband were pretty picky and wary when it comes to cost comparisons of quotations and finding the ID whom we think can assist us build our dream home. Kaze was patient and really helpful throughout the whole process, even before signing of contract. He treated us like friends and gave us professional advice on any queries we had on top of our minds from renovation works to designs to electronics and so on. We were really impressed by the knowledge he has in even the smallest details.

    Upon finalization of the 3D artwork, our renovation took no more than 6 weeks to complete. Everything went smoothly with the help of Kaze who was always there at our home when there are works going on to ensure things ran the way they should. He liaised with all external vendors whom we bought items from and arranged for deliveries, installation etc without us having to be involved in the process. Kaze also updates us constantly with photos of the progress throughout the whole renovation process, and reverts quickly when we have queries. He makes detailed clarifications and explains many thing to us in advance, which lessen our worries as newbies of renovation.

    We are really lucky to have met a dedicated ID, who not only designs beautiful homes, but also carefully considering practicality when it comes to usage. He listens and takes feedbacks to ensure that the finishing product aligns with what we envision our dream home to be. We have been staying in our new place for the past month, and are extremely satisfied with how beautiful yet practical the place is. Sky Creation gives good transparent pricing with top notch service and quality carpentry finishing, products etc. We are really glad to have chose it as the ID firm for our home.

    Thank you Kaze & Sky Creation for creating our dream home for us, and for allowing the whole process of renovation to be so smooth and enjoyable for us.

    Fast forward to August 2019:

    My family and I have been staying in our dream home for the last 5 months, and all we can say is that we really love it so much. It is in my opinion not only beautiful, but every detail was very carefully thought out by Kaze in terms of design and practicality. Staying here for 5 months, we have not had problems related to design and usage. Friends and loved ones who visited our place also appreciated its good design and clever usage of space. Our family love this dream home of ours.

    Once again thank you Kaze and Sky Creation for the works. We definitely recommend Sky Creation & Kaze Tan to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy firm and ID for renovation!

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    Sky Lim is extremely helpful and responsive. We had a lot of last minute enquiries (e.g. add on fans, add on power outlets, fridge size) and he helped us with all of our enquiries promptly He also organised his team well to make our last minute requests workable and his team went the extra mile for us. His advice was excellent and his team also has good design eyes (e.g. in selection of colours, designs). My house is very nice with the greek/roman theme. The renovation was completed timely too. We really appreciate the hard work.

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