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Thread: Teck Huang Design & Contracts

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    Teck Huang Design & Contracts

    HDB Registration No.: HB-04-1821G

    Address: 7, Defu Lane 1, Defu Industrial Estate, Singapore 539482

    Tel: 97434487

    Fax: 97434487

    District: Serangoon Garden, Hougang, Punggol

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    Not reliable. Asked the guy from the company down to get a quotation on a Wednesday. I was informed to get the quotation within 1/2 days. There was no reply from him till friday. I messaged him twice on next monday once in morning and in evening and there was no reply. His whatapp showed he was last online at 2.30pm. I called him once and also no one picked up. On Tuesday morning, he then replied that he was overseas and would not take the job. He should have rejected the deal much earlier instead of making clients wait and ignored clients' reply. He also never inform clients that he would be going overseas. Hire at your own risk.

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