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Thread: Advice for Kitchen Stove, Hood and Hob

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    i have a small kitchen plus i don't do heavy duty cooking, i think the Turbo new TA65 small hood is perfect for me and others like me. i got the 70cm one which is perfect! You can go to Turbo's website to check out others too =)

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    A commercial oven Melbourne is a very important part of many busy professional kitchen environments. It is a good idea to identify what purposes you will have for your oven before you make a selection.

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    For kitchen hob and hood I personally prefer Turbo.

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    Where can I get a good Stove for my kitchen?

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    A hob is a modern variation of the gas stove. Most hobs are installed on your kitchen top and cannot be removed easily. Hobs are also comparatively expensive. So it is really important that you make the right choice while you are buying it.

    This is an appliance where you should stretch your budget and the best quality product that you can. Because once it is installed, it will be very expensive for your to get a new one installed.
    Bosch Tempered Glass Gas Hob are two variations available in the same product. There is a hob with 4 & 5 burners. You can go for the one that fits your requirements. Both models have a tempered glass, which is easier to clean and does not break easily.

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