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Thread: Lush furniture worst experience ever

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    Lush furniture worst experience ever

    Just posting a big warning to anyone looking to buy furniture to avoid LUSH contemporary furniture (Just A note.. they also go under the names LUXUR HOME PTE LTD and La Creation)

    LUSH has THE worst customer service and business practices i have ever encountered. NEVER GIVE THEM BUSINESS, AND PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. They don't deserve it.

    Bought a dining set from them in Dec 2015, with a promise to deliver before CNY. As date approached, no call from them. When i finally called to chase them, they give me a delivery date. I took leave to receive the delivery, but it Didn't come!

    I called to complain, and they told me they got the dates mixed up and will CONFIRM deliver on eve of CNY. i take leave again to receive on eve... and it doesn't come AGAIN! No calls, no warnings, no apologies.

    When i call them again, they say that my order can only come a month later! I blasted them and told them that i needed the furniture for my reunion dinner the next day and they said they will loan me the display set and deliver in the next afternoon. Guess what? Didn't come again! 1 hour before my guests arrive, i drive down to the showroom, and to my shock, the display set was still sitiing there... i gave them a piece of my mind... only then did they activate the delivery.

    One month later when my order did arrive, THE TABLE WAS THE WRONG SIZE, and they said that they don't manufacture the size i want anymore!!!! Also, found out 2 of the chairs i ordered was on a different shipment that can only arrive yet another month later! (promised before CNY, now 16 weeks from date of order???)

    Now am stuck with a display dining table which is in very bad condition and trying to get a refund for everything. To date this issue i still not settled because LUSH customer Service, never gets back to you, and always LIE.

    There may be the occasional few people who have no problems with their orders, but as you can see from this, and many other threads... they are the exception.

    you can read other horrifying experiences here:
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    Oh, that must have been so frustrating. I read your post before i bought my piece of furniture. I went ahead to buy outdoor furniture with Avenir Maison Pte Ltd. I found them good and trust worthy.

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    We have had exactly the same kind of experience.
    They are cheats and liars.
    Please never trust this company.
    We have been waiting 6 months for a dining table that was supposed to take 8 to 10 weeks.
    They are so friendly when they want to sell you things but once sold, they are rude and dismissive.
    I can not stress how bad they are.
    We are about to take legal action against them

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    Dont buy from LUSH

    Please do not get from LUSH Furniture. The aftersales is horrible!

    They promised (of course, sales) that my sofa will arrive in 4-6 weeks, meaning latest by 5th Oct.

    I messaged on 3rd Sept, to get a sense of the delivery, in hopes it will arrive by the 4th week. They mentioned 28th Sep to 5th Oct. & I have to chase many times! The Lush aftersales said they will update later/tmr/monday but they NEVER EVER DID and I have to keep asking for updates.

    On 5th Oct, I asked again if there are updates because I need to take leave for delivery. They called me (Oh, finally) that the item has not even been made. WOAH. Bear in mind that I have been asking for updates since 24th sept still.

    28th Sept, she said "Container arriving this week. Once I got arrival notice, then I will update expected to arrived anyday this week."

    3rd Oct, I asked for updates, she said she will update me in a while. NEVER DID AGAIN, what's new.

    5th Oct, the last day of expected delivery, behold what she has to tell me!
    THE SOFA IS NOT MADE! Factory has no material. & if the delivery is made on the 14th Oct, it will arrive end of the month. That's 3 more long dreaded weeks of surviving without a sofa.

    She also promised that delivery of my dining chairs (delivered separately from my sofa) will be done on 10th October after 6pm. On the 9th, I asked for confirmation. She told me they cant do the delivery. And requested for 2-5pm on Monday 12th Oct.
    I sitting here from 2-5pm at home, and guess what? The delivery never arrived. She called and said there was mis-fucking-comm and that they can only send tomorrow morning. Let's see...

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