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Waterproofing Specialist Company

30 Years of Experience

We mainly provide solutions for
Toilet / Wall / Roof Leaks
Roofing Repairs

If you are facing Toilet / Wall / Roof Leaks, instead of the outdated PU Grouting that involves drilling, hacking and further decimation of your property, S-ONE suggests employing the Chemical Flood Infusion Technique.
What causes Roof / Wall / Toilet Leaks?

When structural damage occurs, it causes cracks that runs deep into the body of the walls. Water then seeps through these cracks into your house causes said leaks.

The most cost-efficient and effective way to solve them is by employing the Flood Infusion Technique. The areas affected by structural damage is covered by chemicals that flows into said cracks and crystallizes, hence stopping and preventing further leakage.

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