Model : Sony 75 inch TV KD -75X8500G
Sony had honoured their warranty and willing to repair my brand new 44 day old TV, what else can i ask for right? I just need to wait which i dont know when since no timeline was given on when will the parts arrive and when will the technician be available. So probably need to arrange to take leave once they update me on the dates and time.
Its very subjective towards feeling of a product especially if i have to pay close $6,000 for a TV. I can understand that electronics can sometimes don't go according what was being QC-ed, however for a TV gets faulty within 44 days, personally i do not see why cant a replacement be done? Wouldn't it be good to bring the faulty set back and do a detail check to find out more so to get higher quality assurance?

Its is my personal thoughts of how the issue was managed, how it was handled, and how I felt when a TV last 44 days and requires repair. I am also uncertain about the product quality, assurance, and confidence.
As for me a consumer, i am just sharing my thoughts. Of course i am waiting for them to contact me again since i am at their mercy and just have to bear the consequence that i have no TV to watch at home during the period of no display till now as i post.
I am sure Sony has good product and perhaps i am the unfortunate one.
With regards to good products, i guess you are right, all are good. In terms of service, i have to say i prefer LG services. Of course again, some may got horrendous service from them since its one to one human interaction.

Summary of the case :
Since 11/08/2019 – 08/09/2019, I experience problem registering my warranty. I thus dropped them an email.
09/09/2019 – Sony Customer Service dropped me an email on registration instruction. I proceed the instruction however did not succeed.
11/09/2019 – I send Sony an email with my serial number to share that I attempted following the instruction however did not manage succeed.
12/09/2019 – Sony replied and shared that they will check and reply. 6 hours later, they replied me with another set of instruction however, I still cant. I think took the effort to scan my entire receipt, cut out the model and serial number on the TV box, have them pasted nicely and send it to them. Till then, they gave me another set of instructions to register my warranty.
While at this point, we have been experiencing problem such as “WIFI disconnected from the TV” and Channel 8 always gone missing and we need to go into settings to re-tune. We have no problem with our internet as some of us were playing intensive online RPG games and we have no problem such problem on our another TV. Again, they send us some instruction to do Factory reset. We followed and whenever problem persist, we continue to factory reset.
Problem continue to persist and we just keep following the instructions to do factory reset every week when it happens. Sometimes we just plug in our lan cable if its during weekdays where we are tired and got no time to factory reset it and re-tune everything. Fortunate thing was, we were using stock apps that comes with TV hence no other installation required.
24/09/2019 – The shock came when I attempt to turn on the TV, there was no picture, no sound. I dropped an email to Sony and share with them how poor the quality was. I requested to speak with the head of the department, and request for a 1 to 1 exchange the next day because TV is a common device that most human needs to use at home. I did not even request for a compensation for all these inconvenience caused.
25/09/2019 – I decided that email does not work anymore. We need to talk. So I called the hotline, spoke to customer service officer. The Officer than suggest to he will try to seek approval to get a technician to come down my place to check tomorrow between 10am – 2pm or 1pm-5-pm. I shared my concern that during this time, no one will be home. I counter offered to get the technician to come either in the morning between 8:00am or after 8:30pm at night while I will try to rush home. I shared with him we need to watch news as we are concern how the world is happening.


Anyway, Sony was kind enough to reply me on 27th Sept 2019 the following (guess after they received the job sheet from the technician whom wrote "TV Set Faulty", "Set with sound but no display)"

Thank you for your email to Sony Singapore.
With regards to your query below, firstly, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused related to the Sony TV. We strive to create durable, quality products, and would like to assure you that the particular product you purchased was an unfortunate anomaly.
With the confirmation received, I have made the necessary arrangement for the Panel replacement. Once the Panel arrive, the technician will contact you directly to proceed with the repair process.
Your patient is highly appreciated.
I hope the information is useful for your reference.
Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 6544 8600 from (Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm) or email at [email protected].