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Thread: Endo Grilles Invisible Grille Reviews

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    Endo Grilles Invisible Grille Reviews

    There are so many invisible grille installers today out there in Singapore today so making the right selection is never easy. I have been seeking for an installer to get my balconies to keep my 2 year old son safe.

    My selection criteria is a follow :

    1) Type of material used to make the Invisible Grille - Nylon or Teflon coating. Most invisible grilles today are nylon, Teflon is something that is very new which I read is better.

    2) Warranty Period - A company that provide warranty on the coating on the grille as grille tend to turn yellow and age over time when exposed to the sunlight. Warranty should cover not only rust and workmanship. If you are looking for an installer, make sure you ask that important question on what they warranty cover as most installer only cover rust and workmanship.

    LeGate is one of the earliest invisible grille installer that bring this sort of technology into Singapore. I call them to check on the material they used for their grille and they told me it is Nylon. Besides, I was not very impressed by what i read online so i did not bother to ask them to come down.

    I contacted them and they use Nylon which is 2.3 mm in diameter. I did not shortlist them for a site visit because they only provide 5 years on workmanship and rust but i looking for warranty that cover the coating.

    IGC provide 2 mm nylon grille and similarly like MC2 it does not provide warranty on coating so I gave a pass as well.

    They also use 2 mm nylon but they cover 5 years warranty on peeling and discoloration which is what i am looking but their facebook comments and reviews isn't very impressive so I passed them as well.

    Finally I only shortlisted Meridian Invisible Grille and Endo Grilles to visit my place. I choose Meridian Invisible Grille because two of my friend used them, they say they are ok. Endo Grille because they use Teflon coating grille which is what I am looking for. It seem they are the only company in Singapore that provide this sort of grille.

    Meridian Invisible Grille provide warranty for workmanship and rusty. The sales person that visit me say he will give me 6 years and even cover my coating. He indicate his grille is Teflon. However, my friend who installed with them said it should only be 5 years warranty that doesn't cover coating and they use nylon. I am sure who is right and wrong. As a result I decide not to go with them.

    Endo Grilles seem like a fairly new company which has very little review online. Even when you search online, it is not one of those that pop up on the 1st page however it is the only company that offer Teflon coating for their invisible grille. I know of a company in Malaysia by the name of KLIG Invisible Grille that provides 2 types of coating as well which are Teflon and Nylon. Nylon has a durability of 3 to 5 years under harsh or extreme environment and 6 to 8 years under protected environment. Whereas Teflon coating as it has better durability that can last at least 15 years and the price is just slightly different. Honestly speaking I am not sure if this is a marketing gimmick that put this Teflon grille way above the traditional nylon but I am sold into it. Keeping my finger crossed.

    Even though they provide only 3 years warranty on coating which I kept asking why it shouldn't longer since they should be more confident in Teflon but they replied is it is their company policy. They also cover 7 years for rust and loosening. Alice the sale person from Endo Grilles who visited me was patience and prompt to reply so I decide to go ahead.

    I am not sure what are the market pricing like for invisible grille or my offer is the cheapest but the pricing provide by both that visited me are very close after much squeezing. Due to my busy schedule, I am not keen to waste any other installer's time as well to visit me just to get the best pricing since I have already more or less decided either one of the above. One of the main reason I decide to go ahead with Endo Grilles and not others is because they use Teflon and they seem to be the only one that provide this type of grille.

    After that I did contact other grille installers like DeGrille and SkyGrilles to check if they provide Teflon coating grille but they both use Nylon as well so I decided to pass. DeGrille indicate their warranty cover coating as well. I am not sure of the extent of the coating warranty as I already decide to go ahead with Endo Grille so I did not to pursue further.

    This is not a paid or sponsored review. As an Adminstrator of this forum, I am not incentified by Endo Grille on my decision.

    I will post photo of how it look like in the upcoming post after it has been installed.

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    Very happy with their workmanship on their grille so I decide to let them to do my outdoor blind as well. Impressed by their Teflon coating grille which is much better than nylon that is used by most installer out there. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get their grilled installed. Thank you Alice
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    Thanks for the review, I also engaged them recently and I am quite happy with their service.

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    Any reviews on this meridian invisible grille? I was informed that they provide Telfon as well. The cheapest I found so far is Floor Empire, anyone has reviews on them.

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    I am interested and will like to check them as well, thanks for the review. Do you mind sharing the quotation? Please kindly PM me. Thank you.

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    An interesting blog review which include pricing comparison for all Invisible Grille vendors in Singapore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vola View Post
    I am interested and will like to check them as well, thanks for the review. Do you mind sharing the quotation? Please kindly PM me. Thank you.
    I have dropped you a PM. Best if they come down to survey your balcony then quote you accordingly.

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    Hi Administrator,

    Just nice you are talking about Endo Grilles. as I am trying to find an answer. I saw some videos from Endo Grilles demonstrating how easy Invisible grilles can be cut and burnt, since these videos are from Endo Grilles, it should be true right? Do you have any experience on this?

    I am going to install window grilles on my upcoming HDB, but is concerned about the safety of the invisible grilles.

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