If anything this shows you why they released a broken item. The men and women who buy do not read/care exactly what the internet thinks. Disappointed in the sports community but honestly. . .where else could they go if this is their only option? The majority of the Madden nfl 21 coins sports enthusiast don't read reviews before they buy. A lot of them literally only play that game for the whole year. It is the Exact Same for FIFA. Imagine if Fromsoftware made a half-baked Souls game. The fans would still purchase it because it's still a Souls match. Makes sense if you think of it that way. I mean, I played New Super Mario Bros 2. It's like three hours long and nothing about it's distinctive from all of the other New Super Mario Bros. games. Yet, I purchased it, and so did not millions of different players.

Maximum Football 2020 releases later this month. It frankly compares to late Xbox/early 360 graphically but it actually has depth and customization unlike Madden. Honstely when your only real game in town it's not like anyone has a choice only I'm just glad madden did not have to stick around and watch his title butchered. Regrettably Madden & FIFA are games which are review-immune due to combination of exclusive licensing / casual marketplace reach. I get the feeling Avengers will also fall into this category. The cheap Madden 21 coins NFL & FIFA respectively don't require enough flak with this. They must see that their audience isn't happy but do not switch to non-exclusive licensing anyhow. Past year's I ceased playing a month in I'd the EA ace left before yesterday I did not reup. I didnt like 20 or 21.