My customary mage gear is mystic underside, verac's shirt, obby shielf, sol, arcane heartbeat, and. . idk. Before you crab at me, I typically only mage at Castle Wars at which there are a lot of RuneScape gold breathy melee and variety kids who prefer to cut me down. I used to perform Pest Control a lot, so I will probably drop back there again. What if I do? A whole lot has changed! For Dungeoneering, here's what I'd do: Max prestige by resetting after doing all flooring. Make sure you notice if you will level up so you do not miss out on extra prestige. Once you reach the 59+ Dung range, you will start doing left handed two, which provides more exp than the preceding needless to say.

To get to these levels, use ToG and XP Lamps/Effigies on Dungeoneering. Then do 1-29 on c1 and 30+ on c6 5 man larges (with 5-man problem ), therefore 5:5 larges in character. C means complexity, which decides what abilities are used in the dung and what exp decrease you become.

Starts at 50 percent at 1 sophistication all the way to no reduction at 6. Prestige is how many floors you didn't repeat. Abandoned is the 4th motif flooring in dung. Starts at Frozen from flooring 1-11, Abandoned 1 at 12-17, Furnished at 18-29, Abandoned 2 in 30-35, Occult in 36-47, and Warped at 48+. Your goal is to attain floor 36 which begins the maximum xp each dungeon (based off my adventures ). The 1-29 I said is that the floors you do with sophistication 1, and sophistication 6 with 5 individuals in a sizable Dungeon on 5-man difficulty. Pay no mind to the difficulty once you are doing these floors since it's always best to choose 5.

Melee Void is superior with weapons such as ags, disorderly maul, etc.. Together with Fury, Bandos, Fighter hat, Berserker ring, Chaotic maul, Barrows gloves, Fire cape: Strike: +195 Power: +193. However, if you are using anything weaker than a godsword, you are better off with Bandos and barrows gloves.

Void melee w/deflector and barrows gloves would be the highest you can hit with a 1 handed weapon and also the most precise Same equipment but today with Cls and Defender versus emptiness and deflector: Attack: +176 Power: +163. Conclusion: Basically it's never worthwhile to melee with deflector if you don't do not have access to Dragon defender, are extremely low leveled and/or possess really weak equipment generally. Range is currently the most precise attack style and the increased damage will do wonders (I'm convinced amJordan can testify according to buy runescape 3 gold our recent Armadyl experience ).